Kitchen Cabinets
Discount and Wholesale Prices

Kitchen cabinets - discount, wholesale, price-reduced, discontinued or factory outlet possibilities help you create your dream kitchen for a lot less. It requires some planning, a little research, a little patience and a bit of legwork, but the results are well worth it.

Cabinets create the personality of a kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are by far the most visible part of the room and can also represent the single largest investment of a kitchen. Avoid potentially costly mistakes and overwhelming confusion by looking at your available options.

kitchen cabinets discount wholesale prices

Carpenter-built - Typically, kitchen cabinets built by a carpenter are on-site and are only as good as the carpenter whose making them. Rather than furniture grade woods such as maple, oak or cherry, on-site built cabinets use medium hardwood, such as birch or ash. The final result depends on the paint or stain. Remember your kitchen cabinets should be as well made and finished as the furniture you own.

Stock manufactured - Often pre-assembled and mass-produced, stock manufactured kitchen cabinets are off-the-shelf and readily available, but with a limited range of standard sizes. But don’t worry that you’ll have a boring selection. Some very exciting style possibilities within a finite but reasonable range of finishes and woods – from pine to ash to hickory to cherry. Some lines have special order accessories to give your kitchen more of a custom look.

Custom manufactured - Basically the sky’s the limit for kitchen cabinets built to your specifications. All measurements can all be modified to meet your exact needs and design choices. Usually these cabinets are made of hardwoods, although laminates and veneers are also available. Pullout pantries, sliding shelves, under-sink hinged drawers and swing out spice racks and are some of the conveniences you can add.

Possibilities for Kitchen Cabinets at discount and wholesale prices

Probably the most likely source for discounted, discontinued and wholesale priced styles is in the stock manufactured category. However, you may find a carpenter who is able to discount his or her services – some creative bartering can work wonders. Don’t aggravate fine craftsman, though. Those who are incredibly busy because they do high quality work have no need to discount or offer wholesale prices. But they often work with apprentices who may want a chance to prove their kitchen cabinet prowess and are well trained by their master cabinet-maker. Get to know the cabinet carpenters in your local area.

Where to start

Measure – All you need is pencil, graph paper and a measuring tape. Draw a rough layout. Record everything in inches

Horizontal Measurement

  • Start from the sink window wall first.
  • Measure from wall to wall at 36" height, from floor.
  • Work clockwise
  • Record exact location of doors, windows, exhaust, water lines and vents.
  • Label each opening (window A, window B, door 1, door 2 etc.)

Vertical Measurement

  • Measure from floor to window sill
  • Measure from window sill to top of window
  • Measure from top of window to ceiling
  • Measure from floor to ceiling

Look – Create a mental scrapbook by visiting your local kitchen cabinet showrooms, home improvement centers and cabinet-makers. Create a physical scrapbook from magazines and brochures (from the showrooms you visited) of styles, details, finishes and kitchen cabinet arrangements that are personally appealing. Consider your family’s lifestyle and personal habits. Do you entertain? Do you dine in the kitchen or in another room?

Decide - Narrow your choices within a comfortable budget range. Easier said than done, but persistence will pay off. If you decide to work with a designer choose someone with whom you have a good rapport. Be sure he or she is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuinely interested in your project. If you go at it alone, educate yourself all the more. Be sure to investigate warranties, manufacturers’ track records and customer service history – just in case something may go amiss.

Relax – Take the time to familiarize yourself and feel comfortable with what is realistically available. You can have a kitchen that provides years of pleasure and practicality at a price that stays within your budget.

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kitchen cabinets discount wholesale

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